happy birthday to me with no one!

posted on 12 Nov 2007 00:01 by cutiesdew
ok i'm here in somewhere north of thailand for travel...i didn't go to study have no reason to just because i've got retired from the university' cause i just attend on the activities than studies!not even a good reason at all!yesterday it was my birthday my 21st birthday and look what i just did to my life?got retired from the university? such a nice life ...i can't typ in thai because in this guesthouse keyboard of this computer  have only 3 languages english,japanese and german so i 've gotta typ in english its seems to be the best way to cuz' i can making everyone got it whatever i said  yesterday i went to my own birthday party with all my friends at the novotel lotus and after eight o'clock i'm all alone to khaosan rd. celebrate my real time birthday alone.got new tattoo buy a skirt ,earling and  waste times bla bla bla....when i'm on the way going back home there's  guy told me to smile .it's make me thinking that "am i look that sad?" and hey it's my birthday na i should be happy si right? just dun know why i still feeling so lonely and in the morning i just packing my bag get ready for travel and i'm here to where i've never been and i'm just chill out with everything people at the bar by me a drinks on my birthday i didn't  getting drunk i just spending my life  i didn't go to the church today hoping i can get back there real soon wanna feel that i'm alive again...that's just what i ever need.




Happy birth Day
sorry,I'm late.sad smile

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